17th Century Girls and Women - Playing the Past - Girl Scouts Junior Badge

Choose a character from the past.

Pick your period. Who will you be?  Where? When?  What did girls do then?

Girls and women in the 17th century

Act 2, Act 3

Ask her questions about herself.

17th century names for girls

Write her diary.

Create a costume.

What was in fashion? Draw it or sew it.

Kids Clothing of the 17th Century

Experience her daily life.

What chores do you have?

What will you have for dinner? Make it.

17th century recipes

What does your home look like? Draw it.

Have some old-fashioned fun.

What music did you listen to? What types of art are popular? Games?

17th century games and sports
Children's toys of 17th century

Become your character.

Stage a reenactment.
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