Mathematics Homeschool Class Instructions:
  1. Do the Khan Academy math mission with a focus on 5th grade skills.
  2. Do MathCraft activities.
  3. Do Spectrum Test Prep.
  4. Use the BrainPOP links below to meet 5th grade math requirements.
  5. Visit all math posts. Check often for new posts.

Explore these topics:

Sky Valley Grade 5 Math Plan

CLASS TITLE: Grade 5 Math

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Use decimals and fractions in all arithmetic operations, base 10; algebraic thinking, measure volume; convert units; graph points on a coordinate plane; introduce exponents.

LEARNING MATERIALS: Khan Academy, Spectrum Test Prep (workbook), BrainPOP, MathCraft workbook.

LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Several days per week of continued progress in Khan Academy Math Mission with mastery challenges and extra practice as needed. Weekly worksheet pages in Spectrum Grade 5 Test Prep for math. BrainPOP videos on math topics as needed.

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking (5.OA) 
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten (5.NBT)
  • Number and Operations—Fractions (5.NF)
  • Measurement and Data (5.MD)
  • Geometry  (5.G)

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