Social Studies

Social Studies Homeschool Instructions:
  1. Use the links below to meet 5th grade Social Studies requirements.
  2. View all the socstudies posts. Check often for new posts.

Explore these topics:

Sky Valley Grade 5 Social Studies Plan

CLASS TITLE: Grade 5 Social Studies

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Topics include Exploration and discovery; Establishment of settlements in the New World; Colonial life in America; Pioneer life in America; Revolutionary War in America; Westward movement in America; Industrial and cultural growth; Democracy's principles and documents; Life in the U. S. and its possessions; Geography of the U. S.; Natural resources of the U. S.; Canada and Mexico; Relationship between the U. S. and Canada; Comparative cultures of Canada; Countries and cultures of the Western Hemisphere: Central America, West Indies, South America; Map and globe skills.

LEARNING MATERIALS: BraiPOP, YouTube, Netflix, BBC documentaries, PBS Slavery series

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